Friday, June 28, 2013

Woes of a Self-Published Author

When I first started writing years ago, I had planned to try to push my work through a publishing company the old fashioned way.  At that time, I was also heavily reading and happened across an amazing author named Amanda Hocking.  I loved her work and read all of her blog posts.  It was then that I found a specific post on her blog about how she became super successful by self-publishing her work.  It was like a light bulb clicked on in my head and I decided to try doing that for myself. 

Enter my 'sad panda' face.  It's actually not as easy or glorious as it sounds.  I think I was just expecting to publish my book and have the fans/reviews/money to just come pouring in, but that is not the way it goes.  There is sooooooooo much more work that goes into it than that. 

The main goal?  Find platforms to promote your giveaways, share your Facebook page/blog/links to purchase the book, finding reviewers willing to write/publish reviews to each website you've published with and much more!  I pretty much spam them on a daily basis lol.  It takes up almost all of the free time I have left on top of being an admin/reviewer for Paranormal Romance Junkies on FB and Blogspot, working full time, writing the next book and taking care of my family.   

So, for those of you that have purchased, reviewed, liked my blog or FB page, commented, joined my giveaway, etc., THANK YOU!  Without your support, all of my efforts so far would be for naught.  It means more to me than you'll ever know.


Jodi Murphy said...

Love the blog! Wishing you much success!! ♥

tristaday said...

Thanks Jodi!

Anonymous said...

New fan! Wish you all the luck!

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